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Custom Persona: Niamh (COM) by IMAKINATION Custom Persona: Niamh (COM) by IMAKINATION
Persona Commission for ~Charming-Egotist, who is a true expert on providing interesting material on deities, myths and folklore of unknown beliefs. :iconsparklesplz::icongawwplz:
This time, I had to choose between making a typical damsel in distress or a regal, valkyrie-like type of woman. (Valkyries are, btw, one of my favourite mythological creatures. This is also very much thanks to Age of Mythology, which I played frantically back in Elementary School... *haha!*)
In the end, I went for a mix of the two - since this is a Persona Design and I wanted Niamh to look a bit... more dependable, fit for combat, stronger than most princesses who just wait to be freed by a prince. I hope I could do her justice! :iconuhuhuhuplz:

I'll cite the description given, since it's too interesting not to be shared!! Maybe you guys are even inspired to come up with designs on your own? :heart:

The figure is Niamh of the Golden Hair, who appears in the story of Oisin mac Cumhaill, son of Fionn mac Cumhaill and the last great hero of Ireland. He journeyed to the land of the fae, Tir na nÓg, whereupon he accepted a plea to rescue a princess from the lair of a great giant who was considered a great god. Oisin fought for seven days and seven nights against the giant, Niamh sending him encouragement and powerful magic from her prison that healed him constantly, until he was finally victorious.

Mind you, this is one of several variations of the story - in a more popular one, Niamh appears before Oisin and professes her love to him, and that is how he ends up traveling with her to the Land of the Young. In all versions, however, Oisin becomes homesick after three years and decides to travel home. Niamh lends him her horse, Embarr, and makes him promise not to dismount it outside of Tir na nÓg. Back in Ireland, he dismounts to move a boulder that has blocked the road that a man is trying to travel down, but because he forgot Niamh's warning, the blessings of the Land of the Young are undone. While only three years had passed for him, it had been three-hundred years in Ireland, and the age caught up to him instantaneously.
Charming-Egotist Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
Haha, it looks great Maki! Honestly I didn't know what to expect, and I did not even imagine Niamh as a sort of strong warrior woman, so I'm really pleasantly surprised! Like I've gushed before, I absolutely love the way you do hair, and hnnng, those swirls-



I'm definitely going to keep poking you with ideas now and then, so I'll try to make my ramblings a bit clearer, especially if you're going to post them~
Charming-Egotist Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
Gah, it posted before I was done!


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