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April 25, 2012
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MM: Suzuka Oono by IMAKINATION MM: Suzuka Oono by IMAKINATION

Your interactions with other people might trigger a development of your character...

◆ I. C H A R A C T E R

● N A M E
Suzuka Oono (大野鈴華)
● A G E
● Z O D I A C S I G N
● B I R T H D A Y
December, 11
● G E N D E R
● Y E A R L E V E L
Year One (class 1-B, repeated)
● C L U B
Higashimori Ouendan (President)

● W E A P O N

◆ Iron (+ Skate Rocker)
Suzuka, being a not too complicated but flexible person, decided on using... household objects.
Since the iron's cable and plug would be a nuisance and unnecessary in combat, she replaced the fiber rope with a shower hose (= water-, fire- and rip-resistant) and attached a figure blade rocker at its end, so that she can use it like a whip - A really dangerous whip. The iron is a melee weapon and is supplied with electricity through batteries.
She got the whole idea whilst ironing her clothes - she burnt herself and had max temperature set.

● A R C A N A
● A R C A N A R A N K
Rank 5
● S U I T

● P E R S O N A
◆ Justitia
"The Roman equivalent to the Greek goddess Dike and/or her mother Themis (also commonly known as "Lady Justice"). She represents the court, law and fairness in judgement. A statue of Justitia is a standard installation in front of courthouses or city halls."

● H E I G H T
5 ' 7 " (170 cm)
● W E I G H T
114,6 lbs (52 kg) - she's not skinny- just... light bone structure.
● N A T I O N A L I T Y

◆ II. C H A R A C T E R T R A I T S

⇒ Cats
⇒ Reading Confucius and other elementary works
⇒ Simplicity (Her motto: Simple is best.)
⇒ Doing track & taking a walk in the evening
⇒ The warm smile people show when remembering something from the past

⇒ Injustice
⇒ Indiscipline
⇒ Selfishness at the expense of others
⇒ Meaningless violence
⇒ When removing the price tag damages the product

● P E R S O N A L I T Y
Suzuka is very disciplined and has a great sense of justice. She strictly follows rules and laws (applies to school laws especially) and does what she assumes to be right. She would even go as far as risking her life for honour and dignity. (Instead of being a girl prince, she would rather be the knight type.)
She tries to help people wherever possible and doesn't want to be of any burden to them, resulting in her swallowing her own problems. Furthermore, she is extremely protective towards smaller or weak people - The mere thought of getting them into danger is nauseating her.

● S T R E N G T H S
◆ Flexible: She's always a bit short on money and thus she acquired a rather big knowledge of life hacks and innovative tricks.
◆ Agile: She doesn't have too many muscles, but her body moves very smoothly.
◆ Fair: Fighting for justice like a policewoman, having a sense of it like a judge.
◆ Sharp senses: She is very sensitive and can react quickly. This is a result of her trying to avoid body contact- /shot
◆ Reliability: Her abilities combined with her determined personality make her a very reliable and trustworthy person.

● W E A K N E S S E S
◆ Heights & Planes: She will probably never leave Kirimori.
◆ Female knight: She doesn't have much muscle (s. above) and will yet fight until she bleeds to death, which is not unlikely.
◆ Over-protective: Once she finds a person who she dearly loves, she will protect him or her to an extent that's almost scary.
◆ Hard shell, soft core: She used to cry at home when she was alone. Who knows if she completely recovered from that phase...?
◆ Walking death sentence: When it comes to making a choice, she usually ignores her own or others' preferences and only chooses on an objective basis.
◆ Monolingua: She can only speak Japanese.

● C H A R A C T E R H I S T O R Y

Suzuka Oono is the only child of a divorced university professor and a stewardess. She was raised by her mother alone, who is obviously on business trips most of the time.
Suzuka's righteous character and her desire to protect people have probably emerged from an experience in her childhood: She was bullied back then and her only and best friend, a girl at her age, was abused by her parents in a terrifying way - Suzuka eventually found that out when she secretly watched it happening as she wanted to give her friend a surprise visit. They moved away right after the incident, leaving a desperate Suzuka behind who was too weak to help her friend.
She had been living in a foreign country with her mother (senior stewardess) for one year just up until now, which was a traumatic experience because she can't speak anything but Japanese. (This led to her repeating one school grade and her fear of planes.)
Now that she's back, she could decide on her new school and the city she would live in by herself. To become less dependent, she chose Higashimori High because of its great reputation, and thus studied her brain off for the entrance exams - but she primarily went through all that effort because of this odd feeling that she... could find a certain someone again...


◆ Suzuka in a nutshell: Ouendan Sukeban. Lolikon. Weird mix of Tsundere and Kuudere.
◆ She is very tall for a Japanese - this helped her overcome certain self-esteem issues.
◆ 100% dog person, actually. Psshhh.
◆ Back in Junior High, she occasionally K.O.'d people who got aggressive or violent.
◆ While she is good at studying and memorizing things, she's helpless with electronic devices or highly technological things. Her own evoker is causing her problems, and she mainly uses 90'ies electronics at home.
◆ VOICE SAMPLE: (Kaida, Yuko)

▶ Mara Staff 1x :iconmmmarastaff:
▶ Blue Butterfly Christmas Wreath x1
▶ Flower hairpin
- Given to her by Sophia Cerise Laurench. It boosts her spirit in battle ridiculously much.
▶ Pink Rose (Happiness)
- Given to her by Ginnaku at the Lantern Festival. All characters in the party are healed with 5 SP after battle. (one use)
▶ Edelweiß (Strength) 2x
- One given to her by Antares, one by Sarasa at the Lantern Festival. Raises Attack Power for 3 Turns. (one use)
▶ Peony (Bravery) 3x
- One given to her by Hideki, one by Kohana, one a leftover from the Festival. Raises Critical Hit Rate for 3 Turns. (one use)
▶ Red Rose (Love)
- A flower from the Lantern Festival she kept. All characters' stats ailments are healed in the battle. (one use)
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